a short history of

Who we are

Cobble Paving established and started trading as a Franchise in the Garden Route circa 1997. Soon after its inception the Franchisees removed themselves from the Franchise concept and today the survivors are Cobble Sedgefield and Cobble George acting autonomously.

Norman O Sullivan acquired Cobble Sedgefield in 1998 and has not only survived but prospered until today and still does. So, for 24 years a reputation second to none has been earned and rightfully so. Quality of workmanship is unsurpassed. Reliability is at an unfamiliar stage. A true Warranty which has never been refused. Staff turnover is at a snail’s pace.

We currently service the Garden Route, mostly from George to Knysna utilizing 5 teams of experts with almost 300 years combined experience. One team specializes in Retaining Walls (Blocks and Gabian) to the highest of Engineering and safety specifications, the other 4 teams Pave with the utmost attention to detail and pride. You will notice that we always display our boards when on site as we are very proud to do so. Our services have extended to the peripherals of the Genre on many occasions as this often speeds up the project, the client insisted or just because we can do so marvelously.

important notes of a

technical nature

This is a technical section which is sorely required as too many horror stories are out there due to jobs going horribly wrong. Paving looks simple to the unstung, and it is this erroneous impression is put to the test on too many occasions. We feel for the people out there who have received the short end of the stick who have lost not only money but faith in the industry. We have had to rectify hundreds of botched jobs because so many people have considered Paving to be a simple sideline piece of extra income

It starts with the site visit and the quote. The quote must cover a large array of items from levels to drainage to neighbours consideration and affect to colours and styles and shapes, types of material to be used and the aesthetics of not only the pavers but the surrounds as well the legalities of Complexes. The soil type needs to be determined and a plan of action for the base selected as the base structure moves breathes and lives. The timing is critical due to traffic to be encountered especially in the construction period. Once a solid base has been created with drainage taken into careful consideration, the method of laying must be implemented which suits the paver and base. The pattern and borders must be in sync then the all-important, often neglected, Grouting method adhered to to ensure grouting penetrates the paving. This is to ensure weeds or grass does not take over, nor allow Ants to play havoc with our masterpiece. You need to consider trees and their roots in the proximity. How many years before that shrub is a massive tree with arm thick roots seeking moisture in all directions? Its called Tenting and is just plain awful to see, drive over and expensive to rectify. Then you need to match the pavers of 20 years ago. Not easy.

So, consider our outpouring here carefully when selecting a Paving Company. We are awarded contracts not by price alone as our methodology surpasses others and rightfully costs more than the Dude with a wheelbarrow and a rented Compacter.

Enough said. Thank you for enduring our rant.

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